Our yoga studio is an intimate place where you can connect deeply to yourself through the sacred healing practice of yoga. Our style blends the ancient yogic traditions and scriptures of the East with a nature based spirituality found in the West. We hope to help people find unity within themselves and with the Spirit that moves through us all. Our primary aim is to inspire everyone with the courage to love fiercely. We have three pillars that form the foundation of our beliefs.

The Three Pillars


True courage is found when we can be open and vulnerable with ourselves and others. Join us and we will give you the strength you need to face all of the self limiting beliefs that are holding you back.


Love is easy when you can find a piece of yourself in everyone. We all deserve to feel loved and appreciated for who we are. Let us show you the light that has been hiding inside.


On this path that we call life you don’t have to walk alone. We are all in this together. Come and share the beautiful light that you have inside and together we will illuminate the whole world.


Learn more about the inspiration behind Lionheart Yoga. This story details how tragedy can completely change the course of our lives. It helps to provide clarity for our guiding beliefs and values, and explains why loving fiercely is so important.


Yoga is a personal practice and it's different for everyone. We invite you to come join us so that you can experience a deeper sense of self. No matter what you want to change in life it always starts within. Our teachers are here to help guide you on your journey of self exploration in a loving and compassionate way.

We want you to feel comfortable in your own skin. To be proud of who you are. To have the strength to believe in yourself. You will never have to worry about measuring up to anyone else ever again when you find the riches that lie within your own heart. You have amazing and unique gifts that no one else in the world can offer the same way you can. We're ready when you are, and we've always got your back.